• Stars on Brand (map)
  • 417 North Brand Boulevard
  • Glendale, CA, 91203
  • United States

From the producers of Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con, Stan Lee's Birthday Party, Meltdown Comics, and the sold-out BANGARANG: San Diego Comic Con party comes the next installment of the ULTIMATE NERD PARTY EXPERIENCE hosted by The Geek Gatsby! Don't let post-con depression get you down, we've got your cure! A night of DJs, dancing, cosplay and more! We've discovered an excellent new venue in Los Angeles with a full service bar AND food, AND hookah vape service available in select areas ofthe club!!! How awesome is that?! Grab your friends and come make some new ones as the LA, OC, and IE nerd communities come together to celebrate their fandoms with an all night dance party! COSPLAY is always welcomed but NOT AT ALL REQUIRED- express your fandom in any way you're comfortable! Acts and talent will be announced in the coming weeks, but we thought you'd be excited about one thing- Glendale has tons of free parking! We'll put out some maps for you as well.

*This is an 18+ event.

**For everyone's safety we ask that you do not bring guns or swords of any kind, even airsoft or fake swords. All other props should be ok but if you're bringing a prop and think to yourself "I wonder if this is ok or not?"- you should probably ask first. Lastly, this event is built to be a fun celebration of inclusion and fandom for all! Poor behavior of any kind, including derrogatory comments let alone violating personal space will not be tolerated nor second chances given- as Austin Powers might say "BEHAVE" ;)