We began as a monthly midnight-movie series targeting the 80s and 90s nerd-culture classics. We're brought back the films we grew up watching on VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc so we can enjoy them in a theatre full of other nerds at the majestic Vista Theatre in Hollywood, cause that rocks! This still happens but now we have a new mission: spread nerd-culture and entertain people around the world! We're bringing the nerd community together, promoting everyone else's nerd events, creating new ones of our own and producing content for all of the nerd world to enjoy from cosplay to parody videos to conventions to nerds nightclubs and other nightlife events! We’re constantly producing new events, new content for the web, and we’re available for hire to produce your top-notch event utilizing our team of talented event coordinators, stage managers, choreographers and more. We want to bring everyone together and celebrate being NERD & PROUD!



As both a live-show host and producer, Bernie Bregman is one of the most experienced in nerd-culture. He has produced live stage shows, complete conventions, nerd parties, nerds’ nightclubs, midnight movie screenings, weddings, and more! Beginning in the Rocky Horror circuit in the late 90s before taking on pop-culture/comic conventions, Bernie has worked every kind of event and built an amazing network of talented individuals who help him achieve any event’s goals. Several banner events include the Rocky Horror 35th and 38th annual conventions, Stan Lee’s Comikaze After-party 2014-present, and launching the concept of nerd nightclubs all around the country. As a host, Bernie electrifies the crowd with his passion and energy- while performing he’s constantly monitoring where the crowd is swaying and understands the need to continually monitor and impact the show flow into the desired directions. He’s hosted large live-shows up to 15,000 audience members and has always stayed true to both the fans and the event alike. Be it masquerades, cosplay contests, celebrity panel moderation, parties, nightclubs, there’s not a single event Bernie can’t tailor his hosting style to fit and he’s always happy to lend his crowd-hyping talents to make any event a smash!